The Skin Deep Microbiome Project

Level 4 ($77)

Skin Deep I Kit

This is the entry level kit, which will allow you to provide 1 skin sample at a single body site for microbiome profiling from our laboratory. This is baseline skin microbiome testing and will include 1 testing swab, sample questionnaire and sample/mailing instructions.

Level 5 ($134)

Skin Deep II Kit

This is a discounted skin microbiome testing kit for 2 paired samples from the same individual; it contains two sterile swabs, and sample sheet questionnaire, and return label for sending samples back to the lab for profiling.  This kit will allow a deeper comparative analysis of individual samples (over time or space).

Thank you perks for your generous support. Please note that no refunds will be provided, so please read carefully before making your donation.

Level 2 ($20)

Here's the Skinny Skin Deep Pen

You will receive an official Skin Deep: Skin Microbiome Project Pen

Level 3 ($35)

Skin Deep Keychain light and sticker

Shine the light on your skin microbiomes by going for this official Skin Deep keychain light and sticker.

Level 6 ($235)

Skin Deep III Kit

A 4 sample kit (same household):
• Option 1- Two (2) human body samples (each location), taken at two (2) different times (either one (1) month from the initial baseline sample taken or two (2) months from initial sample). It will be necessary to refrigerate the first sample(s) taken until time to return all samples to the lab;
• Option 2- Two (2) human samples and 2 pet samples (two locations or same locations) using baseline sample and follow-up sample within two  months after initial sample.

When you order the kit by either the Nova OC radio button (, or through the Perk’s page, please specify which Level Perk you want, and quantity.  If you have any questions, please contact or

Level 7 ($600)

Big Skinner

One Skin Deep III Kit (4 samples), either a Skin Deep pen, mouse pad or key chain light, PLUS a personal tour of the NSU Center of Excellence Molecular Genetics laboratory and lunch with the PI at a time of your choosing.

Level 1 ($5)

Skinny “Light Touch” Supporter

You will receive a signed “Thank You” letter from the Principal Investigator and Skin Deep Team for your kind donation to the project.